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Empowering the future of payments

At PayTech Group, we are leading the charge in driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions in the dynamic payments industry. Our portfolio of companies offers specialized consulting, training, recruitment & contracting, advanced analytics tools, AI-driven solutions and more. We are the go-to partner for businesses worldwide, providing the expertise and forward-thinking approach needed to navigate the complexities of the digital payments landscape.


New technologies, new regulations and new players are forever changing the way consumers and businesses think about payments. At PayTech we are passionate about not only embracing change, but actively drive change for and alongside our partners and clients around the world.

Our portfolio of companies and the experts running them are standing by to provide the support you need.


Nicki Bull Bisgaard

Group Head

Specialised consulting

Embrace Consulting V2.0 from PayTech Consulting, your compass in the dynamic, digitized world of payment systems. We redefine the consulting landscape, offering personalized strategies and state-of-the-art solutions to navigate your business through the intricacies of payments with confidence and agility

Welcome to PayTech Commercial, the provider of an advanced procurement spend analytics tool. We identify opportunities to boost commercial card transaction volumes, provide process efficiencies for corporate clients and their suppliers, and amplify revenues for banks and payment processors. 

PayTech Analytics leverages AI and machine learning to empower payments companies with actionable data insights. We transform raw data into strategic knowledge, optimizing operations and driving growth in the dynamic payments and finsncial services landscape. Together, we unlock your business's full potential.

Welcome to PayTech Academy: Igniting Excellence in Payments Education. We are committed to providing exceptional education and training programs in the dynamic field of payments. Our academy is a trusted hub for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their expertise in the ever-evolving payments landscape.

Search & Deploy

We recognize that access to the right talent at the right time is crucial for our clients to overcome these challenges and drive success. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best minds in the industry, precisely when and where they need them, to tackle the unique obstacles they encounter in the payments ecosystem.


Your B2B Payments Partner

EedenBull is a fintech innovation company specialising in B2B and Commercial Payment solution design and implementation.

We work with banks, card schemes and payment partners on a global basis to enhance and drive innovative business payments solutions to improve the value they bring to their business banking customers.


We work with some of the best and boldest across the payments industry - globally

Some of our key partners

Some of our customers and what they say...

At PayTech Group, we don't just follow the trends in the payments industry, we set them. Our team of innovators provides a suite of solutions, powering our companies with the best in consulting, training, recruitment, and contracting. Our toolbox is filled with cutting-edge assets, from advanced analytics tools and AI-driven solutions to a top-tier spend management platform.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a company. We're a reliable partner for businesses worldwide, guiding you through the often complex landscape of digital payments. With PayTech by your side, you're not just staying updated, you're staying ahead. Welcome to PayTech Group - the future of payments is here





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